Your Choices Make a Difference

To help raise awareness of our community’s role in helping us find a home for local animals in need, we are proud to share LHS’s “Adopt Local” position statement with you:


There are many well-documented benefits to our communities and to each of us in choosing to support local, independently owned businesses. Local businesses create employment opportunities, retain our community’s distinctiveness, and invest in neighborhood growth.

Liberty Humane Society is not just a local business. We are a local business who does everything it can to fill the incredible need our community has for animal services. That’s why we put our resources towards helping local pets first.

We create and invest in programs that make local pet ownership more affordable and pet adoption more of a reality.  We think critically about why animals in our community end up at LHS, what we can do to prevent them from becoming homeless.  We work tirelessly to provide them with loving homes, and make information accessible to ensure they and their families have the resources needed for long and happy lives together.

To make an impact in the communities we serve, we need your help to change the way we think about animal adoption. When you adopt an animal from Liberty Humane Society you are not just saving a life, you are making a difference in your community. You are helping us reduce the number of homeless animals on our streets. You are saying that our community’s animals are worth fighting for.

Every day we make choices about where we shop, what we buy, and what impact that has on the small businesses and neighborhoods where we live. Consider the impact of where you choose to get your pet. Help LHS invest in our communities.

Adopt Local. Adopt Liberty Humane.