Management and Board

irene_(1_of_3-_SMCropped).jpgIrene Borngraeber
Executive Director

Irene thinks sunlight is essential to personal and professional growth. She has been LHS's Executive Director since 2013. Since then the facility has added many windows.



196422_10150141958132196_1851117_n.jpgKim Saunders
Director of Operations

Kim has worn purple and worked in animal welfare for the last 25 years. She has a weakness for large-headed dogs. 



196422_10150141958132196_1851117_n.jpgJennifer Greene

Jenn learned about animal welfare working the shelter front desk in Monmouth County. She still sometimes fills in at reception, out of nostalgia.    




Ines Rodriguez

Development Coordinator

Ines has been with LHS since 2018. Her life’s goal is to pet an insane number of dogs. She’s in the right profession. 

Board Members

Andy Siegel, President
Justin Dowell, Treasurer

Michele Perrotta, Secretary
Christa Segalini, Member

Jaclyn Fulop, Member
Julio Garcia, Member

Shaun Lewis, Member
Donald Pepe, Member