Poop_patrol_talking_poop.pngThe Poop Patrol is composed of Jersey City residents who are committed to keeping their neighborhoods clean. They respond to reports of dog poop in their local area and help to uncover the identities of offenders so they can be ticketed by the Animal Response Team (ART). If you're interested in becoming a member of the Poop Patrol, fill out the form below.

How do I report Dog Poop Offenders?

In order for a summons to be issued the ART needs to have both the name and address of the offender. Because most dogs are walked close to home, we ask for local neighborhood help in identifying those who fail to pick up. If you see someone ready to walk away from their dog poop:

  1. Ask them for their name.
  2. Ask them to pick up the poop. If they do not:
  3. Discretely take a photo of them and their dog.
  4. Watch to see what house they go into. Note their address and see if there's a name on the bell or mailbox.
  5. Record the date and time.
  6. Report as much information as you can to the ART, who will inform your local Poop Patrol member.

Why is Dog Poop so Bad?

Dog waste (poop) is full of bacteria and parasites that can severely sicken other animals and humans, and even lead to permanent injury or death.

  • Rain does not "wash away" dog poop! It simply spreads the bacteria to new places, putting more people at risk
  • The bacteria and parasites in dog poop can stay infectious and continue to make people sick for up to 18 months
  • Rats are attracted by and eat dog poop, spreading disease and worsening pest issues
  • Flies breed in dog poop and carry that waste onto food and other surfaces, sickening people in their homes
  • Streams, rivers, and other bodies of water are severely polluted when dog poop runs into them

For the health and safety of our entire community and environment you must pick up after your dog and dispose of the waste in a public garbage can or at home.

Yes, I Wish to Join the Poop Patrol!

By submitting the following application I commit to monitoring my neighborhood for dog poop, sharing official Liberty Humane Society (LHS) Animal Response Team (ART) Poop Patrol materials, and being a respectful advocate for clean streets. If approved, I will be invited to join the Poop Patrol private Facebook group, where I will receive specific complaint information and areas in need of investigation. I pledge to respectfully engage with this group and members of the public at all times. I understand that Poop Patrol members have no direct authority to enforce municipal violations, but that information I provide may be used by the LHS ART to prosecute offenders, if substantiated.