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Chi Chi's Story

Chi Chi is a special dog, with a very special story.

Chi Chi came into Liberty Humane Society as a stray dog in mid-May 2014. The senior male pit-mix was unfixed, untrained, and very, very ill. His condition deteriorated rapidly and in short time Chi Chi developed pneumonia. For any pet, pneumonia is dangerous; for a senior pet it can be fatal. Chi was weak. He could barely lift his head. He wasn't eating, was severely dehydrated, and had great difficulty breathing. Staff pulled Chi Chi from his kennel, and installed him in the medical room until he recovered-- or didn't.

Chi Chi at rest Chi was in grave danger. For days we has monitored by staff continuously and every effort was made to get him hydrated, stronger, just a bit healthier so his body could support the treatment he needed for his pneumonia. Chicken was the only food that would rouse him enough to eat, and even then he could only tolerate very small bits of fresh roasted chicken that were hand fed to him. He couldn't even stand over his bowl.

A plea went out to volunteers to bring in chicken, rice, and bags of small, chopped mixed veggies for Chi Chi-- anything to get him to eat and drink again. Suddenly our offices and e-mail and social media were flooded with offers of food, support, care, and prayers for Chi Chi! Volunteers used their lunch hours to bring down hot rotisserie chickens and fresh rice for our boy; they came in the morning to bring home-made foods; they cuddled him, spoke to him, and told him he was a good boy and that he was going to get all better. They hand fed him the smallest shredded bits of chicken, coaxing him to eat and drink. Every morning LHS staff gave Chi an IV of fluids and a hefty dose of medication for his pneumonia.

Everyone waited with baited breath for the first days of Chi Chi's convalescence as he teetered between life and death. And then-- he stood up and walked to the office door. He was asking to go outside to go to the bathroom.

Chi Chi Enjoying The Sun Slowly, shakily, he made his way down three shallow stairs wearing a leash and collar for the first time in days. He went to the bathroom and took a long, shallow breath of fresh air before asking to go back inside. He needed to be carried up those three stairs he had just recently come down. It was his largest exertion in weeks.

Chi's condition was still tenuous, but his strength of will and the abundance of love he had received from staff and volunteers were incredible. He remained on medications for days, and as the medicine began to work its way through Chi Chi's pneumonia, Chi worked his way into the minds of everyone at our facility.

His long, arduous attempts to stand, to walk across a room, were heartbreaking. He had lost a tremendous amount of weight and his ribs, spine, and hips were jutting through his skin. Even sitting was difficult and painful for Chi. Any yet! He would look up and anyone walking past with eyes full of love and desire for companionship. His beds (he now had many lush dogs beds scattered about the offices for him) were under staff desks and in cozy corners so Chi had to walk no more than 5 or 6 feet at a time before he could rest. He installed himself at the feet and in the hearts of those who cared for him.

Chi's Getting Ready To Play! Progress came in the smallest of steps. When Chi Chi wagged his tail for the first time in days, he was spending energy to show love, and we cheered. When he walked across the room without resting or stumbling, we cheered. And one day, finally, Chi found himself a tennis ball that had rolled under a desk. He reached his paw out and batted at the ball--he wanted to play.

Chi Chi transitioned from smashed, shredded chicken spooned into his mouth by dedicated volunteers and staff to a mixed diet of dry and wet dog food back to dry kibble. He gained weight and could sit again without pain. He wagged, and played, and even once he tried to climb on a lap! Chi Chi was going to make a full recovery!

Chi Chi's struggle wasn't over, however. An underweight, untrained senior male dog with a history of medical issues and a need to be the only dog in the house is not the easiest dog to find a good home for. Even if we no longer feared for Chi's life, we were now becoming anxious about his future. Living out the remainder of his days in a kennel would be a horribly sad end to the story, and unfair to Chi Chi and the army of volunteers who got him back on his feet.

Three weeks after Chi went back to his own space in the main kennel, days before the Fourth of July, a lovely family came down to Liberty Humane Society looking to adopt a dog. They had met a few dogs but had kids at home and wanted someone quieter, more laid back. Chi Chi, senior boy that he is, is no jumper or leash-puller and prefers cuddles and sniffing to vigorous play sessions. Over the next week, Chi and his adopters met 4 more times before Chi was deemed healthy enough for his long over-due neuter operation, and he went to his forever home the same evening.Chi Chi's Happiest of Happy Tails

These stories are what make it all worthwhile-- the long hours; the mental, emotional, and physical exhaustion; the time spent away from friends and family to work for these animals, all of whom are looking for something as simple as a home.

Liberty Humane Society does exactly that job; finding homes for homeless animals. Our volunteers and staff are, without exaggeration or hyperbole, the absolute best. The flood of love and support they provided Chi with was tremendous, but no less than the love and support they provide our dogs and cats with every day.

Chi Chi is special, but so are dozens of other dog and cats in our care at LHS. This is why we ask for your help. Liberty Humane Society is YOUR shelter. We provide sheltering and adoption services for the homeless animals of Jersey City, Hoboken, and now Bayonne. We vet and treat sick animals in our care. We provide enrichment, activity, and socialization for them so they're ready for a home. We host adoptions and events at our facility and off-site. We stay active in our communities so everyone knows where their first stop for a new cat or dog should be. We provide Low Cost Pet Wellness Clinics to help the dogs and cats in our community stay healthy, and in their own homes. We are YOUR shelter. And we need your help.

We always, always need donations, supplies, and volunteers. A recurring donation of even $10 a month makes a huge difference. Hosting a Penny War at your school or office makes a difference. Collecting supplies, too. And if you have time, volunteer! Our shelter volunteers must be 18 years or older to work with dogs and cats, but we welcome teens to work at our events and fundraisers, to share awareness and talk about Liberty Humane Society. Contact us at to find out more. We are YOUR shelter, and we need you, too.

Liberty Humane Society announces Hamilton BARK! Festival, Sunday June 29 at Hamilton Park, Jersey City NJ!

Hamilton BARK Festival

Liberty Humane Society is thrilled to announce Hamilton BARK! Festival, at Hamilton Park, Jersey City, NJ on June 29th from 12-5 pm.

At its core, Hamilton BARK is a one-day community festival and fundraiser for LHS, including live entertainment and activities for children, adults, and four-legged family members. To celebrate our first annual Hamilton BARK, we are pulling out all the stops! Some of this year’s attractions include:
Live music
50/50 raffle
On-site adoptions
Children’s crafts, carnival style games, and activity section
KITTYZILLA: WHEN CATS ATTACK! living art installation
Over 30 Vendors

No need to RSVP to this free community festival! Join us on June 29th for a a fun filled day for everyone!

This event is hosted by Liberty Humane Society and sponsored by:
Animal Clinic & Hospital of Jersey City
Dr. Michael Tuder and Associates
Fresh 102.7 FM
Hound About Town



Maddie's Pet Adoption Days Are Back! Free Adoptions to Qualified Homes May 31 and June 1 at Liberty Humane Society!

Maddies Days

Liberty Humane Society is joining the Maddie’s Fund Pet Adoption Days event along with the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals and over 80 shelter and rescue groups throughout the tri-state area on the biggest free pet adoption event in America!

On May 31st and June 1st, all approved adopters can take home any adoptable dog or cat from Liberty Humane Society for absolutely no fee!

The shelter, located at 235 Jersey City Boulevard in Jersey City, will be open 10 am - 6 pm on Saturday and Sunday for this very special event.



Join us for a Free Pet Partnership Day!

Foster Program



Roommates Wanted!

Foster Program

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, please fill out this form to get started. Questions? Email

LHS and Neighborhood Cats Team Up to Fix Ferals in Jersey City

Feral Cat Program Things are looking up for feral cats in Jersey City’s 07306 zip code. That’s because the area, currently overrun with unowned cats, has been selected as the focus of a 250-cat targeted spay/neuter project, to be jointly administered by Liberty Humane Society and Neighborhood Cats. The project is made possible by a grant from PetSmart Charities®.

In the coming months cats in the target area will be humanely trapped, spayed and neutered, and returned to their original locations. Spay/neuter services will be provided by the People for Animals clinic in Hillside, NJ. The cats will also be vaccinated against rabies and “eartipped” – under anesthesia the tip of the left ear is painlessly removed, to permanently mark the cat as being “fixed”. The whole process is called Trap-Neuter-Return or “TNR” and is the best way to gradually reduce the numbers of outdoor cats while improving overall health and eliminating the mating behaviors that create public nuisances, like pungent tomcat spray and late-night caterwauling.

The city’s 07306 zip code accounts for one of Liberty Humane Society’s highest intake rates of feral and stray cats, with 143 kittens and adults turned in over the past year. TNR for this targeted project will be concentrated in the area’s northeast section as far west as Tonnelle Avenue and with Lincoln Highway marking the southern border.

Residents in the target area can report the locations of unneutered colonies by contacting our Jersey City Feral Cat Hotline, (201) 351-7772 or by emailing Community members can also receive training from Neighborhood Cats to become feral cat caretakers – a sort of kitty guardian angel – to make sure their colonies are properly fed and sheltered. Anyone interested in fostering a kitten or friendly cat rescued from outdoors during the TNR project may inquire about Liberty Humane Society’s foster care program; visit the shelter at 235 Jersey City Blvd. or email

Have more questions about feral cats and this targeted program? Click here for a list of FAQs.



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