A Holiday Gift for Zap

Zap was found abandoned on a porch in Jersey City, in the heat of summer. Zap was skinny and so afraid she could barely be touched.

When Zap was brought to LHS’ clinic medical staff realized she was missing most of her teeth and needed extensive dental care. They also noted she was pregnant. The next day Zap gave birth to six puppies.

Zap and her family stayed in the care of our shelter for months. Zap’s puppies grew healthy and strong with mom; were socialized by staff; and grew to be happy, well-adjusted puppies. When the time came for adoption they found homes immediately.

Zap had the dental surgery she needed, put on weight, and started to become less fearful. But Zap was still shy around new people, and she wasn’t an easy adoption. After 5 months of rehabilitative care, she too is now spending the new year in a new home.

Zap and her puppies wouldn’t be in homes today without the medical support, time, and patience of LHS staff. She and 3,700 animals received care through LHS’ medical program, and this year we’re looking to provide hope to many more.

Make a Gift

Your gifts this year will support the expansion of LHS’ public medical programing, providing hope to pets like Zap: once on the margins, now healthy and happy in new homes.

Please consider making a gift to LHS this year, to support the health and healing of pets and families in need.