Animal Response Team- 201.547.4888



Effective May 1, 2021 Liberty Humane Society is no longer the service provider for the City of Bayonne. Please contact 201-822-7333 for service.

LHS's team of dedicated Animal Control Officers and Investigators is the main point of contact for all stray animal concerns in our service areas, and is responsible for everything from call dispatch, to animal rescue, to public education and resources. 

Please DO NOT attempt to use social media to reach the Animal Response Team (ART) or seek help for an animal. For all inquiries and emergencies you must CALL US at 201.547.4888

The Animal Response Team serves Jersey City and Hoboken. If you live outside of these areas you need to contact your municipal Health Department or Police Department for assistance in reaching your animal services provider. 

Contact the Animal Response Team Anytime If:

-You have found an injured or sick stray animal (this includes wildlife)

-You have found and confined a stray domestic animal

-You are witnessing possible animal cruelty or neglect

-There is a stray animal who appears to be dangerous

-There is a wild animal in your living space that cannot escape 

The above situations are considered animal emergencies. If you are not experiencing an animal emergency please contact the ART during business hours (Mon-Sat, 8am-4pm, excluding holidays). 

Contact the Animal Response Team During Business Hours (8am-4pm Mon-Sat) If You:

-Wish to report a nuisance complaint (barking dog, off-leash dog, unlicensed dog, poop)

-Are requesting information about feral or outdoor cats

-Are seeking an update about a complaint you made

-Wish to speak to an Animal Response Team member

-Have seen a deceased dog on public property

-Have found a deceased stray dog or cat on your property


Deceased cats and wild animals on public property are picked up by the Department of Public Works during business hours.

For Jersey City call: 201.547.4900. For Hoboken call: 201.420.2375.


Dog licensing is handled directly by the Health Department of your municipality. Click here for Jersey City's application (espanol aqui). Click here for Hoboken.


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