Onward & Upward - Softies & Sweethearts

They're headed home! Back in October three 5-day-old puppies were found by our Animal Response Team - they had been discarded in a household garbage can and we weren't sure if they would make it. After medical care and 4 months in foster, we're happy to announce that they've all fully recovered and been adopted into loving homes!

We couldn't share stories like this without your support and care. Thanks for joining us in believing that local animals are worth fighting for and that all our community's pets deserve a second chance. Check out our Facebook album celebrating these rescue puppies and their journey to adoption.

Speedy delivery! Show some love to your special someone this Valentine's Day with a hand-written postcard from LHS! Make a donation, choose your Valentine style, and we'll mail the card with your message to your bestie just in time for the holiday. You'll be helping shelter pets in need and sharing the joy of pet adoption with those you care about. Check out the card options here.

Onward & Upward!