Same address, brand new website

If you’ve visited the LHS website over the past few days, you may have noticed some big changes to its look and feel. That’s because. after months of work reviewing and retooling the content and resources offered on, we’ve designed and launched our new website which went live last week - just in time for Giving Tuesday.

 The new website is designed not only to reflect where we are currently as an organization but also where we’re going. Not only does the new website look great on computers and mobile devices (where a majority of our web traffic comes from), it’s also streamlined to assist visitors in finding the content and resources they’re looking for faster and easier.  

Our old website served us very well and helped facilitate countless adoptions and plenty of resource sharing. This new fully optimized site is designed to build on that success and increase our digital capacity as an organization.  

This beautiful and modern site will allow us to serve you, our community, and our animals better than ever before. We hope you’ll take a look – there's plenty to see!