UPDATE: Sample the Severely-Burned Dog

This was our first introduction to a dog named Sample: A call came into our Animal Response Team (ART) from a concerned resident about a dog left in a crate without food or water. When our Officer arrived they found a dog with severe chemical burns on more than half of his body, and a Police Officer on scene.

Our ART Officer carefully bundled up Sample and rushed him to an emergency clinic. He was sedated while his wounds were cleaned and assessed – Sample was stable, but he was going to need daily treatment and bandage changes for at least a month to avoid infection and ultimately recover. Sample’s burns were so severe that we began exploring a rare procedure most often used in humans to speed recovery and minimize risk of infection: medical-grate Tilapia (fish) skin patches.

Incredibly, thanks to the exceptional work of the staff at the Veterinary Emergency Group and a vet on staff who agreed to foster Sample and daily attend to his wounds, the healing process is well underway and the Tilapia treatment may not be needed. 

Despite deep and significant chemical burns, Sample is healing.

Despite his trauma, Sample is a love. He is enjoying snuggles with his stuffed animals, soft beds, and gentle head pets. We cannot wait to see him thrive. Though fundraising for Sample's care has closed, you can still make a difference for animals in similar situations by donating to our medical fund.