IMG_2375.JPGLiberty Humane Society is dedicated to developing programs that enhance our mission of a stronger, safer community for animals in need.

Prevention and Education
We educate the community, volunteers, staff and potential adopters on responsible pet ownership, animal care and how to develop humane and compassionate relationships with animals.

Animal Care
We provide homeless and unwanted animals with shelter and care, fostering, and adoption into loving, permanent homes.

Medical Care
We support our community and responsible pet owners by offering low-cost medical care to those in need.

Animal Control and Advocacy
We provide safe and effective animal control services to protect the public from stray animals, reunite lost pets with their owners, ensure prompt emergency medical treatment, and work with municipalities in making responsible choices in regards to animal welfare.

Humane Education
As a way to spread the word about responsible pet ownership, animal compassion and respect we developed the LHS Community Outreach Program. We visit local schools, businesses and community groups providing educational activities, story time and workshops, hoping that children take away the message about loving and respecting every living being. The various programs teach children concepts such as good character while exploring favorite topics such as pet care and animals. We show them the proper way to approach and greet animals, how to train pets, and when to leave an animal alone. We also teach about the benefits of adoption, community cats, and how we care for animals in our shelter.

As with all the Shelter’s programs, these programs are made possible entirely by private contributions.