The Dispatch: The Dog Days


We're back with our second edition of The Dispatch!

It's fast approaching that time of year called "The Dogs Days of Summer." We humans have been calling them the Dog Days since (at least) the time of the ancient Greeks. But the term actually isn't referring to days so hot you'd find dogs panting in the shade of a marble column. Nope. It's actually describing a celestial event. The Dog Star, Sirius, is soon going to be visible in the twilit hour before sunrise. Cool, right?

The Dog Days are often characterized as a time of strife and calamity - we'd guess that's because many of us tend to get grumpy when we're hot. We hope you're taking a hint from (and care of) our furry friends: stay cool, find shade, and stay hydrated. 

-- Irene & Dave, with the team at Liberty Humane

Hey There, Hot Stuff (a PSA)

Speaking of hot days and dogs....Don't leave your dog in the car. Not that we think YOU would. But really, don't do it. It gets really hot, really quick inside a car, even if the window is cracked. A caring passerby just might call to report you to the authorities. Because it's illegal. We got one of these calls last week. Please leave your pet at home. 

If you think your dog is suffering from heat exhaustion while you're out, get them into the shade or air conditioning. Wet a towel with cool water and drape it over them or allow them to lie on it, or have them stand in a basin of cool water. Offer them drinking water with a few ice cubes, but don't use ice on their body, or you may cool them too quickly. Slow and steady is the way to bring their temperature down safely. 

Rolling Through Near You: Low-Cost Spay/Neuter

We’re thrilled to have launched the first low-cost spay/neuter clinic in Hudson County with our partners at People For Animals! Our bright, beautiful, and frankly unmistakable truck is now delivering high-quality surgery at low-cost - right where it’s needed - in and around Jersey City. See more information and start a reservation here.

A Shameless Plug...

This is an amazing photo from our Instagram. You should probably (definitely) follow us @libertyhumanesociety. Our dogs & cats shall sing, meow, and bark your praises. And our amazing staff & volunteer photographers will feel really good about it, too.

It's Your Clucky Day

Or, at least this chicken caught a lucky break! She was found under a car in the Jersey City Heights and is now living large on a slightly less urban farm thanks to one of our partners. Yes, chickens are legal in Jersey City, but you need a permit and appropriate housing, not to mention the approval of your neighbors. Like with any pet, caring for chickens shouldn't be taken lightly. 

Peep Us At Pier 13

Meet some of our best & brightest shelter pets at Pier 13 in Hoboken on July 21! This is our 5th summer season of partnering with the kindhearted folks at the Pier to help find new adopters & fans for LHS. We promise you'll make new friends, too :) 

Great Fosters Make Great Companions

Lots & lots of LHS kittens (like Super Crisp) are graduating from foster care into our adoption program. If you've been looking to adopt a well-socialized and delightful cat companion, get started on an application today!

Whew - that was over kinda quick, right?! If it just wasn't enough, see more from us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Thanks again for reading up on LHS and local pets in need.

Till soon, animal fans & friends!