The Dispatch: Compassion looks good on you

We love where we live.

LHS started when a group of concerned & compassionate folks came together to keep their eyes on Jersey City's homeless animals. They weren't satisfied with the level of care that was being provided; heck, they were actually upset about the state of animal welfare here in Hudson County.

We've never lost that spirit. We want the residents of the cities we serve to share in building a community of compassion & respect. We believe that the level of care a city provides for its homeless pets and animals speaks volumes about the character of the people who live there. And we're confident you agree.

So while there's plenty happening to pull your attention, please remember to take a look around you. Please get your friends and neighbors involved in the local causes you care about.

Yeah, we even want you to forward this email or tell your neighbors about LHS! We meet a lot of people in our community who don't even know we're here or what we do. Help us change that! 

Let's continue making the place we live even more humane, together.   

-- Irene & Dave, with the team at Liberty Humane

So. Many. Dogs.

It's that time of year: dogs are coming into our care faster than they're being adopted out. People are moving into new homes & apartments or they're traveling, dogs get out or get left behind, and would-be adopters feel like they don't have the time to invest in a new pet. Summers are busy. But if you know of anyone looking to adopt or even thinking about finding a new pet, please have them check out our amazing shelter dogs. They deserve a chance and you can help them find one.

Partners to the Rescue!

2 year-old Haratua was really struggling in the shelter environment. Her stress and fear made her a risk to herself and to our staff trying to care for her. We issued a plea for a rescue organization with foster homes to come forward to help. And our friends at Brick City Rescue came through in the clutch!

A Smorgasbord Gone Sideways

This little guy got himself stuck in a garbage can. Thanks to a concerned passerby and our Animal Response Team, he's now free and out looking for his next feast. Fingers crossed it's somewhere more conveniently located.

Your Company is (almost) Always Appreciated

We rely on a lot of folks to help us fulfill our mission: donors, volunteers, community advocates, & adopters. When you get your workplace involved, your impact can grow tremendously. Find out about the ways your company can partner with Liberty Humane to help homeless animals!

Bark in the Park is COMING

And we need vendors to make our signature event delicious, fun, and fabulous. Apply here to vend at Hudson County's largest pet festival on October 13th!

We Don't Usually Do This...

But we're having a ribbon cutting ceremony! Our Spay/Neuter Mobile Unit is up & running and providing Hudson County with access to low-cost surgery for the first time, ever. (Also, Irene really likes the big scissors.)

Well, that's it for this edition of the Dispatch. Thanks for tuning in! Stay engaged and keep caring.