Your Change Can Change Dino's Life

Meet Dino. Yesterday Dino was found by the LHS Animal Response Team(ART), sealed inside a plastic garbage bag and left on the curb. When the ART cut Dino out of the bag he was in distress and having a seizure, but he was stabilized at the vet’s office and is now at LHS for continued care.

Dino is old and blind and may suffer from other medical issues. Like many animals LHS cares for, Dino will need substantial medical treatment in order for him to have a chance at living out the rest of his life in comfort. These intensive medical cases occur year-round, and LHS relies on your ongoing support to help animals like Dino. Small, recurring gifts make all the difference to us. Please consider signing up to donate a portion of your change to LHS through the RoundUp App so we can continue to help animals like Dino.

Please visit to sign up and search for "Liberty Humane Society" to select and support us.

Liberty Humane Society