So you want to help raise money for BIP? AWESOME! Let's get started.

Raise Money Through Your Facebook Page

Facebook has made it (fairly) simple to raise funds for your favorite non-profit organizations.
You'll start by visiting
Once you're there, you'll be guided step-by-step to create your BIP fundraiser.

Step 1 - Choose a Nonprofit

Please choose Liberty Humane Society!

If you have "liked" the LHS page, we should come up automatically in the list. Otherwise search by name.

Step 2 - Choose a photo

We like the BIP logo (download here).

Or use a photo of you with your favorite LHS resident or adoptee!

Step 3 - Give your fundraiser a snappy title!

Like: "Help {Your name here} save lives with Liberty Humane Society!"

or: "{Your name here} is raising money for Bark in the Park"

or: "Join {Your name here} in helping homeless pets!"

Step 4 - Give some details about why LHS is important to you

Facebook will give you some sample text, but you should try to make it personal. Please mention Bark in the Park somewhere in here so we know to count it towards our goal!
Do you have a meaningful, brief story that tells about your love of the work of LHS?

Like: "I am raising money for Bark in the Park because my dog {insert dog's name}'s life was saved thanks to the work of LHS. The staff & volunteers at the shelter made sure that {dog's name} got a second chance. Help me make even more second chances possible by donating to my fundraiser. Thanks!"

Step 5 - Choose an Amount

Totally up to you. Aim high though!
We want to raise more than $25,000. We'll be updating the results every week until the event.

Step 6 - Choose an End Date

The date of BIP is a great, logical choice - 10/13/2018.


If you would like to raise money outside of using Facebook, please let us know! Email [email protected] for ways to raise.