Celebrate Betty White Day

Betty White wasn’t just a treasure on screen, she was also one of the most respected and passionate voices for animal welfare in America. In honor of her life-long generosity and legacy of philanthropy, animal advocates across the country are celebrating today, her birthday, as Betty White Day – an opportunity for those who share Betty’s love and passion for animals to honor her memory with a small donation in support local shelters. 

Betty White knew how small acts of kindness can make a big difference. She famously said: “Kindness and consideration of somebody besides yourself keeps you feeling young.” For Betty, this meant helping animals and people alike which she did throughout her life.  

If you believe in the power of Betty’s small acts of compassion to make life better for animals, consider making a donation to LHS to support our work with local animals. We thank you for your kindness and consideration; may it keep you young!