Clear The Shelters With Us!

This Saturday, you have an incredible chance to make a lasting difference! Liberty Humane Society is participating in the national Clear The Shelters Campaign and we couldn't be more excited about it!

We're waving all adoption fees on dogs over 40lbs and cats over 4 months old. If you've been wanting a new furry friend for a while, but just couldn't make it happen, now is the time!

You could bring home a dog or cat that really needs all the love they have been missing out on, like Usain Bolt or Moet!

Usain Bolt has a neurological disorder that makes him a bit unsteady on his feet and slower moving than other dogs, but he loves to love you! He gets along well with kids, other animals and is even fine with large groups! You'd be lucky to find a dog like Usain to begin with, but to be able to take him home without paying any adoption fees? Well, that's just magical!

And if you're looking to take home an awesome cat that's just been waiting for the right folks to come along, there are so many to pick from, like our buddy Moet. She was saved from a really bad hoarding situation and is super playful, has tons of personality and can't get enough of her favorite banana toy! 

These are just two of the amazing cats and dogs waiting to go home with you during our tremendous Clear The Shelters event. There are so many dogs and cats to choose from, so why not come down and change your life, and theirs, for the better!

Liberty Humane Society