Dogs Evacuated from Hurricane Ida Arrive at Liberty Humane Society

Earlier this month 10 dogs from shelters impacted by Hurricane Ida arrived at Liberty Humane Society for medical care and adoption. The animals are arriving in Jersey City as part of a larger fleet of shelter animals being transferred from hurricane-impacted shelters out to locations across the country by the Greater Good Charities "Good Flights" division. In total, 32 shelter dogs and 41 cats from Louisiana animal shelters are being emergency airlifted to shelters in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Taking in shelter animals that have already been in the system after a major storm frees up the home-shelter to house animals that are newly lost or displaced, increasingly the likelihood they will be reunited with their families. But this also means that some of animals leaving these shelters will have unresolved medical issues. Four of the dogs transferred to LHS are positive for Heartworm and are currently undergoing treatment, which takes three to four months. This care is made possible thanks to donations received through our medical fund. To support the recovery of these and other animals in need of ongoing medical care, make a donation here.

As a small local shelter LHS does not usually transfer in animals from out of state, but we know just how difficult it is to continue to care for animals in the aftermath of a hurricane. When Hurricane Sandy struck New Jersey our facility was significantly damaged and we were without power for weeks. People from across the country rallied to support us, and we couldn’t have done it without them. We are now grateful to be able to help Louisiana shelters in this small way.

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