The Fix-It Fund


We go through a lot of resources caring for our community's homeless animals. When things break down (and they often do) we rely on your help to get us through. The Fix-It Fund is meant to ensure that we're covered when these infrastructural emergencies happen.

8/13/2018 - This morning a man acting erratically smashed our shelter front door with a rock, ran inside, and threw an injured cat in a box at one of our staff members. Animal welfare can be a contentious place, and we’re so grateful for our supporters who understand, empathize and lift us up as we continue this work, no matter what comes our way. If you can, please consider donating to our Fix It Fund to replace our door.

8/14/2018 - All staff are fine and the injured cat thrown at us was rushed to a veterinarian. Sadly, she was gravely ill and the veterinarian recommended euthanasia. Our door has been replaced and we are looking at getting a new roll down gate to cover the glass when we are closed. It is disappointing we have to put ourselves behind bars, but it's for the safety of our staff and animals.

Your generous support makes our life-saving work possible - each and every day.

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