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We do not encourage finders to bring lost pets home; this can make it more difficult for the owner to find them and delay access to any necessary care. Liberty Humane Society provides shelter for the stray animals of Jersey City and Hoboken once they have been processed by the ART. 

Calling the Animal Response Team will ensure that the pet is safe and held for 7 days so their family has the opportunity to find them. If you are interested in providing a temporary foster home for the pet, let the Animal Response Team know that or contact the shelter and we can discuss that process with you. If you are interested in potentially adopting the pet if they are not ultimately reclaimed, please contact the shelter.

Lost/Found Pet Reports

Liberty Humane Society retains lost and found pet reports for up to one month after they have been submitted. We will attempt to confirm whether or not the pet has been reunited during this period. We will also cross reference these reports with animals entering the shelter and notify any person who has submitted a report of a potential match. LHS does ask that if you find your missing pet or the owner of a pet you found, without the help of the shelter, that you notify us so we can remove the report from our active files.

To prevent pets from becoming lost and facilitate their safe return, please make sure:

  • Your dog is licensed and always kept on a leash when outside
  • Your cat is kept indoors
  • All pets wear a tag with your current phone number (cats should wear cat breakaway collars)
  • All pets are microchipped and the microchip registration is current
  • All pets are spayed/neutered