Fun In The Park, So They Can Happily Meow And Bark!

Bark in the Park
 is the largest pet-festival in Hudson County, where we come together for a day filled with fun, food, and lots of wonderful vendors.

It's also how we raise funds to cover the medical and emergency costs associated with the animals that come into our care. It helps cats and dogs like Cristal and her 13 siblings:

Cristal is one of 14 cats, including 1 barely alive kitten, that were evacuated from horrible living conditions after the elderly man who had been squatting in the property they were living in was hospitalized, long-term.

All 14 had terrible ringworm infections, which is a costly and time consuming process to combat. It is highly contagious and requires them all to be quarantined and cared for, individually. Having a few ringworm cats is tough... 14 is just unforgiving!

Thankfully, after tireless effort and care from our staff, Cristal is feeling much better and turned out to be a total sweetheart. She gifts us with her affection and goofy faces every day. Look at how she's all smiles now! We are so glad she's all healed up and is now looking for her new family and home.

Cristal's story would not have even had the chance of a happy ending if it wasn't for you and the rest of our generous and caring supporters

We're asking you, Rene, and all of our supporters to come together to help us give animals like Cristal a second chance and a better life. Please help us reach our fundraising goal of $40,000 by September 28th. 

Here's How:

Start Your Own Fundraiser for BIP

Help us make more second chances possible by asking your friends, loved ones, and colleagues to donate.

Donate to BIP

Give directly to the care of local homeless animals today.

Bark in the Park will be held Church Square Park, Hoboken, on Saturday, September 28th. Please visit the BIP main page for more info about the event. We're so excited to accomplish great things together with you this year. Cristal and her fellow shelter pets are counting on us.

For Cristal,

Liberty Humane Society

P.S. We have room for more vendors! We're still accepting applications to take part in this year's BIP.

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