Fundraising Outreach

Don’t forget to ask EVERYONE you know to contribute. Most people have been touched by an animal at one point in their lives and will be happy to donate towards the homeless dogs and cats in Liberty Humane’s care. 

By setting up your personalized Bark In The Park fundraising webpage, you will have an easy way to communicate your goals to your contacts. You can send an email to family, friends and coworkers directly from your site. Your fundraising page can also be posted on your Facebook wall for maximum exposure.

Did you help facilitate an adoption? Have you been a part of the training of an LHS dog? Your Bark In The Park fundraising page is a great place to tell your story and show your contacts how much LHS means to you. Your passion will inspire others to get involved!                

>--> Example Photo >--> This is Espi  (Irene's cat adopted from LHS)  oh-so-helpfully sleeping on t-shirts for Bark in the Park 2013.  


Set up Your Own Fundraising Event

Last year, one Bark In The Park team raised over $2,000 through a simple bake sale that was hosted within the team’s company! These types of events can be much more effective than a standard request for donations. There are a ton of other fundraising efforts that can be fun and easy like:

  • Car Wash
  • Happy Hour
  • Change Drive (Penny Wars)
  • Game Nights

Also, don’t forget to let your Human Resources department know that you are fundraising for Liberty Humane. Many companies have matching donation programs for employees to take advantage of!

Remind, Remind, Remind

It’s best to send out reminders to your contacts. Tell your supporters in your first point of communication that you will keep them abreast of your progress. Sharing your progress will keep them updated while giving them gentle reminders if they haven’t contributed yet.

Don’t Forget to Say THANK YOU

Always thank your supporters no matter how big or small the donation. Also, follow up with your supporters after the walk to let them know how much you or your team raised and what the total was for the event.