Giving Firuzeh a Second Chance


When Firuzeh was brought to us off the streets she was freezing, emaciated and hungry, flea-ridden, and missing an eye.  She had been declawed, left defenseless and forced to hide to stay alive.  She had yet to be spayed and was probably used repeatedly for breeding.  Despite all of this, Firuzeh somehow survived.

LHS staff has been working diligently to restore Firuzeh to health - treating her respiratory infection, bathing her, removing all the unwelcome parasites she's picked up in her fight to keep going.  Most importantly, giving her the love and affection she still amazingly responds to.  Also, a blow-out:

Firuzeh's been given a second chance at life and love - a chance we believe that she and all other homeless animals deserve.    She wouldn't have had this chance without you and the generosity of LHS's faithful community of donors.

Please DONATE today and help give Firuzeh and all of the animals coming to Liberty Humane the chance they desperately need.