LHS Thanks our Rescue Partners: Part 1- Animal Alliance

Butterscotch Before and AfterButterscotch was emaciated and near death when he was picked up by animal control in Jersey City. We wanted to do whatever it took to save this sweet boy, but knew the emergency surgery he required, as well as the post-operative medical care, was beyond our means. Thankfully, we knew whom to call. Animal Alliance picked up Butterscotch, paid for his surgery and arranged for one of their foster families to care for him as he recovered from his ordeal. Today Butterscotch (now Shooter) is a joyful, healthy dog who tips the scales at 71 pounds. His adoptive family adores him.

Founder and Executive Director Annie Trinkle loves working with Liberty Humane Society in rescuing and promoting New Jersey dogs for adoption.  “We are honored to partner with this inner-city, high-volume shelter that is doing amazing work in finding adoptive homes for dogs and cats in desperate need.  Our partnership is important to us at Animal Alliance because our preference always is to rescue from local NJ shelters first, before going out of state to help elsewhere.  We think that rescuing and adopting locally should be a priority for all shelters.”Annie Trinkle- Animal Alliance

LHS works hard to find a home for each and every one of our local community animals, and we couldn’t do it without the support of our rescue partners.  This Thanksgiving season we give thanks for the groups who make LHS’s Adopt Local mission possible by caring for some of the most challenging dogs and cats who come through our doors.  They are with us in the trenches, and we are proud to kick off a series that features the work they do on behalf of local animals.

Cobweb-Adopted through Animal Alliance

Animal Alliance, founded in 2001, finds euthanasia to be an unacceptable fate for adoptable dogs and cats in animal shelters who will lose their lives due to pet overpopulation.  Focusing on injured animals and victims of cruelty and neglect, the Lambertville, NJ organization removes animals from shelters and places them into temporary foster care, where they are rehabilitated, spayed/neutered, restored to health, and readied for a speedy adoption.  It has a robust pet adoption program, operate a low cost spay/neuter clinic and runs a shelter to house dogs awaiting adoption.  Its Roberts Curts Memorial Pet Adoption Center offers pets for adoption in a retail-like setting to encourage pet adoption among those who might not ordinarily visit a traditional animal shelter, and to increase the visibility and accessibility of rescued animals for adoption.