North is Headed Home!

Last February, North was brought in to LHS as a stray off the streets of Jersey City. He was badly frightened and with his 60 pounds, he was difficult for all but our most experienced dog-walkers to handle. The stress of the kennel and being around all of the other dogs was causing him to become even more challenging, and it was clear we had to find a foster.


We were so grateful when our friends at Dusty's Dog House offered to foster North. He ended up staying with them for almost a year, and with the extra attention and a space to call his own, North's fear was gradually replaced by love.

The folks at Dusty's would showcase North at adoption events, walk him in his fancy "Adopt Me" vest, and spend as much time as they could to promote him in order that he would find a loving home. And then, right at the beginning of Spring, after months and months of investment, all the work finally paid off! North has finally found a home to call his own and an adopter that is prepared to be loving and patient while he starts this new chapter and second chance. We're so happy for you North!