Saving Hurricane Dorian Animals

Last night, in the final evacuation push before Hurricane Dorian lands in the Carolinas, and in coordination with Best Friends Animal Society, LHS transported in 14 cats and dogs from shelters in the path of the storm.

Evacuating animals from shelters before the storm helps save those animals from danger and prepares the local shelter be to help victims of the storm in their community.

After Hurricane Sandy ravaged parts of New Jersey and the Northeast, a tremendous network of shelters and organizations helped LHS as we overcame power issues, resource obstacles and repairs. With Dorian looming over the Carolinas, we also need to make sure we do our part.

These emergency transfers of animals require additional resources, both for their initial rescue and the medical monitoring they will need to ensure they are healthy and ready for adoption.  Please click here to donate and share, so that we can continue to help those in crisis when needed. 

Many thanks, as always, for your compassion.

Liberty Humane Society