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Welcome to our brand new LHS newsletter, The Dispatch!

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The Dispatch is meant to highlight animal welfare news, updates, posts, articles, and happenings around LHS's shelter and our service communities. It's a collection of what we think is interesting and good to know about. You will probably (definitely) find it interesting, too. Maybe

-- Irene & Dave, plus the whole team at Liberty Humane

Summer Lovin' (aka FREE ADOPTIONS!)

We are literally giving away unconditional love and devotion. We've had lots of new, wonderful pets enter the shelter and they need to be where they belong this summer (& always) - in a loving home. Adoption fees on dogs over 40 pounds and cats over 6 months are waived for the next few days only. See more details here.

Back for Bayonne

That's right, peninsula people. Liberty Humane Society is the animal shelter & control provider for the city of Bayonne. We talked to the Jersey Journal about our new relationship status.

Tails from Animal Response (the ART)

We recently got a call about a dead coyote found on the second floor of a building in Jersey City. Turns out it was a taxidermy coyote and someone brought it in to work with them. For fun. We can't make this stuff up- but we do have to deal with it. 

Fireworks & Your Pets

Snoop Dogg may like fireworks, but your pet dog does not. Keep your pets indoors and safe around the Fourth of July. More dogs are lost on the Fourth of July than any other day. Check out Scientific American Magazine for more info on why.

Our Goodness, Your Guinness

Ed & Mary's in Hamilton Park is partnering with Guinness to raise funds for LHS on Saturday, 6/30 from 12P - 4P. It's called Pints for Pups (and kittens!). You should probably go.

Kitten Foster > Bananas Foster

We have hundreds of kittens already in the care of people like you, and yet: we need more foster homes for the new arrivals...who just keep coming. Please find out what it takes to be an LHS foster. You can help us save lives.

Well that's it. Dispatch received! Many thanks for tuning in to LHS and local pets in need.

Till soon, animal lovers!