The Dispatch: Make the Call

There's room for everyone to help at LHS.

Right when you walk into our lobby, one of the first things you'll see is our wall of adoption posters. The stellar current batch was made by some up-and-coming young animal advocates. They attend the Kindness Club at the Denville Library, which happens to be facilitated by one of our amazing volunteers!

You're never too old or too young to get involved with animal welfare. We accept volunteers ages 16 & up to work alongside us in the shelter caring for the animals. Younger folks can host a bake sale, make adoption promotional materials, talk to local businesses about sponsoring shelter pets or fundraisers, or they can pressure their parents or caretakers into adopting from LHS. We're kidding about that last part (kinda).

We're working towards the day when all of our community's pets have a home. Bringing up a new generation of people who believe that compassion and dignity belong to all living creatures is essential to making that happen.

Thanks for being part of our community of compassion and respect. We know we're even better and stronger with you.

-- Irene & Dave, with the team at Liberty Humane

The phone call that saved a life

4-year-old Daisy Dukes was found stuck in an abandoned house. A concerned neighbor called in after hearing barks from one of the windows. Our Animal Response Team was able to secure access to the building and safely remove Daisy. She was emaciated and terrified, but now she's getting the care she deserves.

A Smashing... (sad face)

Sometime's it's not all unicorns and rainbows. On Monday a man acting erratically smashed our shelter front door with a rock, ran inside, and threw an injured cat at a staff member. It rattled us. Animal welfare is an always an emotionally hard place to inhabit, but especially when the safety of our staff and animals is put at risk. If you can, please Donate today to the Fix-It Fund to help us replace our front door and install new safety measures to protect the humans and animals in our charge.

Clear the Shelters

We're partnering with NBCUniversal and joining hundreds of animal rescue organizations to Clear the Shelters on August 18th! You can find out about the specifics of our involvement here. We'll be waiving adoption fees for many of our best and brightest resident pets!

Make me a match

Do you hear that? It's the sound of your donation to LHS singing to you -- asking you to look into your company's matching gift program! Many businesses offer to match your charitable contributions, so please talk to your HR rep or supervisor to find out if your employer participates. It's an easy way to see your care for homeless animals doubled or more!

Say you'll be there

Bark in the Park is coming up on October 13 and you're invited! Join us for our biggest event and the number one pet festival in Hudson County. You'll get to enjoy amazing vendors, well-dressed dogs, demonstrations from animal experts, and the FREE bounce house!

Colorado is for lovers!

Okay, okay! We know it's Virginia. But our Colorado, the dog one, is definitely for lovers, too! Let's give this sweet blue beast the second chance he deserves.

Another Dispatch come and gone. And so soon! Thanks for reading up on all things LHS.