Urgent Adoption Appeal: Help Chicory Find a Home


Chicory is blind, insulin-dependent, and has been in the shelter system since January 9th. Found wandering in Jersey City with pressure sores on her body, Chicory was assessed by our medical team and was diagnosed with untreated diabetes. Shortly after being stabilized and beginning insulin treatment, she went blind.

Chicory is 9 years old. She is friendly toward people, enjoys eating and her walks, and is adjusting well to her lack of sight. Although we have been caring for her for months, a shelter is no place for a dog like Chicory. Chicory urgently needs a rescue or adoption placement to be able to continue insulin injections (twice daily), and assist her with navigation.

Chicory is not good with other animals. And let us be clear: this means she will use her nose to smell them out…. and attempt to put them in her mouth. This can be managed, but she will need to be kept separate from all other animals.

We deeply believe Chicory deserves a chance at living out her remaining years in comfort, and are prepared to train any potential transfers/adopters in insulin administration as well as provide 6 months of insulin and some additional medical support to groups or individuals willing to take her.

If you have the kindness and ability to adopt or transfer Chicory, we urgently need to hear from you. Please fill out an adoption application. If you aren’t in a position to give Chicory a home, please spread the word so we can find someone who can. And if you’d like to make a donation to support Chicory, and other animals in need, you can make a donation to our medical fund.