LHS Thanks our Rescue Partners: Part 3- Somerset Regional Animal Shelter

Brian Bradshaw has a soft spot for black cats. Like their canine counterparts, black cats often languish longer in shelters, some combination of superstition and bad lighting in kennels.   But when Bradshaw, executive director of the Somerset Regional Animal Shelter,  walked by Brooke’s cage at LHS last month and the 4 month old reached out with her paw as if to stop him, he knew he couldn’t leave her behind. The fact that Brooke only had one eye did not deter him either. “She is very sweet, “ he says.  "I love the black cats."  Somerset Regional Animal Shelter, is a non-profit in Bridgewater, NJ...

LHS Thanks our Rescue Partners: Part 2- FernDog Rescue Foundation

Lassie (now Lola) was an overbred black bulldog/Boston terrier mix with bad skin and nipples that hung to the floor. Moonlight (now Wilbur) had a serious yeast and bacterial infection that caused patches of fur loss. The deck was seriously stacked against both dogs, yet both are thriving in loving homes thanks to our wonderful partner FernDog Rescue. “We will pull anyone that touches us and that we have a foster for, no matter age, breed or medical condition,” says Adoption and Fosters Coordinator Donna Buccellato. “Lola looked pretty pathetic, but insanely beautiful to us."  So far in 2015 FernDoghas...

LHS Thanks our Rescue Partners: Part 1- Animal Alliance

Butterscotch was emaciated and near death when he was picked up by animal control in Jersey City. We wanted to do whatever it took to save this sweet boy, but knew the emergency surgery he required, as well as the post-operative medical care, was beyond our means. Thankfully, we knew whom to call. Animal Alliance picked up Butterscotch, paid for his surgery and arranged for one of their foster families to care for him as he recovered from his ordeal. Today Butterscotch (now Shooter) is a joyful, healthy dog who tips the scales at 71 pounds. His adoptive family adores...

City of Bayonne Terminates LHS Contract Mid-Term

At the Bayonne City Council meeting on Tuesday November 10th, the Council unanimously voted on a mid-term termination of its animal control and sheltering contract with Liberty Humane Society (LHS) that runs through April of 2016, and approved a contract with New Jersey Animal Control and Rescue, a controversial for-profit firm based in Lodi, New Jersey as of December 1st. We were not aware that the City had issued a new Request for Proposals (RFP), or that they were seeking to terminate our agreement until hours before the council meeting.   Over the last year, LHS has faced increasing pressure...

New York Live Pet Project: Rambo and Theo

The Liberty Humane Society returns to New York Live's Pet Project with four pups up for adoption.

Liberty Humane Society and Clear the Shelters

Irene Borngraeber, executive director at Liberty Humane Society, joins Pei-Sze Cheng to talk about the organization and its involvement with the Clear the Shelter adoption event taking place Aug. 15 from 11 to 6 p.m.

NJ Humane Society Unveils New Dog Park

Pets at the Liberty Humane Society got their first run in the park on Monday. Tracie Strahan reports.